Water FAQ

Where do you get the water from?

The water is sourced from an approved water source via an approved filling point. For example, a delivery in the Carterton area would be sourced from the Carterton District Council supply. The customer will be supplied with a delivery certificate which must state where the water has come from.

Are you a registered water carrier?

Yes we are. We have a current certificate issued by the District Health Board (as listed on the Drinking Water for New Zealand website). We carry a copy of the certificate in the truck should you wish to view it. We have an approved water safety plan and we carry out regular testing and washing of the tanker.

How close do you need to get to the tank?

We have 100m of delivery hose. We haven’t had a delivery yet where we have used all 100m due the maneuverability and size of the truck.

How will the water delivery affect my water tank?

Because we pump water in so quickly it has a tendency to stir up the sediment on the bottom of the tank. It can take a few hours for everything to settle back down.

Will our filters get blocked when we start using the water if the sediment gets stirred up?

For best results don’t use any water for as long as possible. We carry a range of the most common filter cartridges in the truck should you require any.