Services and Products

System Service

If you have a wastewater treatment system it is very important that you get them serviced regularly. If you don’t it can lead to expensive repairs as well as being bad for the environment and your family’s health. We can provide a tailor maid service for you at competitive rates. We keep a track of when the service is due so you don’t have to.

Tank Inspections

If you have no idea where your waste goes when you flush or you looking to purchase a rural property we can visit the property and advise you on what you have. We can also provide a report of a tank after it has been emptied.

Biozyme Products

biozymeWe carry Biozyme industrial and Biozyme cleaner in our truck. Biozyme is an organic certified enzyme to aid in organic process in your septic tank. While some cleaning products don’t harm your tank Biozyme will actually help your tank. If you would like to purchase any Biozyme contact us by phone or email and we can arrange payment and delivery. Costs are as follows:

Biozyme Industrial $75 (incl GST). This will last 5 months used as a weekly dosage. It also has lots of other cleaning uses around the house.

Biozyme Cleaner $25 (incl GST). This is premixed to be used as a spray and wipe. It has a range of uses from toilet cleaning to floor cleaning. Use this knowing that when you flush it or wash it down the plug it will be assisting your septic tank.