Waste FAQ

How often should I empty my septic tank?

Most tanks should be emptied every 3-5 years. This depends on the size of the tank and the amount of waste going into the tank. Our experienced operator can work this out for you. If you don’t know when it was done last you should get it done.

Why does my septic system smell?

Septic tanks only smell when they are not working properly. If it smells get it cleaned or serviced.

What happens if I don’t empty my septic tank regularly?

If you don’t look after you septic tank the solid waste will pass through and the disposal system will fail. This will cost thousands of dollars to repair. It’s cheaper to look after your septic tank rather than replace it.

How do I know my septic tank is full?

If it smells or there is wet patches around the tank or if your drains are backing up then its full. If you're suspicious get it emptied.

How close do you need to get the septic tank?

30m max from the tank to the truck.

There is a light/audible alarm going, what does this mean?

This means that a pump has failed. This needs attention immediately. Call us.

What access do I need to allow for the truck?

Our truck needs at least 3.5m wide and 3.5m high for access. If there’s not enough room we will prune trees.

Can you empty the septic tank through the mushroom?

No. This only partially does the job. We only do the job one way and that’s the right way.

I have one of those fancy systems, do I need to get it emptied?

Yes. Even the fancy wastewater treatment systems still have a septic tank as the primary chamber.